Hercules and Love Affair, Nick Monaco

Parade of Flesh presents . . .

Hercules and Love Affair

Nick Monaco

DJ Red Eye

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

8:00 pm

Club Dada

Dallas, TX


This event is all ages

Hercules and Love Affair
Hercules and Love Affair
The collaborative rotating door of personalities that makes up Hercules and Love Affair has always been a
broad church. Ringmaster Andy Butler says he has only one consideration when assembling a new line-up
for a pristine phase of his epic musical journey through the dynamics of past, present and future night-life.
"The key to the Hercules project is that I don't want people coming to the table with nothing to say."
The new Hercules cast is impeccable. John Grant was first into the fold and unearthed a new way for Andy
to record. His sexy tomcat voice and lyrical ability for translating hardship into elegance lent themselves
greatly to the new album and the collaboration ʻI Try To Talk To Youʼ is an album highlight, future single and
uniquely Hercules.. Another tremendous voice was found in the chameleon Rouge Mary, backstage at a
Hercules show in Paris, looking "like a member of Fields of the Nephilim" in a floor length trenchcoat, wide-
brimmed hat and heels. Rouge showcases a deep, fierce, spiritual voice found through a gospel education,
with a look found through a degree in New Romanticism. Similarly Andy encountered Belgian singer Gustaph
at a live gig. He has that perfect mezzo soprano voice that can handle a whole Sylvester vibe. On the first EP
from the new album, Gustav heralds the acid pop house masterpiece, 'Do You Feel The Same?'. And
rounding out the vocalists is the smoky voiced virtuoso Krystle Warren. John Grant had introduced Andy to
Krystle's voice on a Youtube clip of her singing her own immortal heartbreak classic 'Circles'. Tears ensued,
with an inquiry as to who this crooner was. In Andy's words, "Two months later Krystle was in Vienna and we
were working together in what has been one of the most loaded musical relationships of my life."
After finishing the last Hercules tour, in support of second album 'Blue Songs', Andy decamped to Vienna
because "it was quite clear that this was a fundamentally European operation." He found a tremendous old
analogue studio in the city and began sketching his ideas down on tape. "I wanted ten minute tirades of
909s, nasty bass-lines, stormy, bleary-eyed sounds, fiery, rough, tough and ragged old school house
productions that sounded almost techno. I didn't want polite, I wanted aggressive."
Techno and Electro
specialists and classic house devotees appeared through mutual friends in Vienna in the form of Haze
Factory. They had already served up a great remix of Butler and Shaun J Wright's "Forever More". The rough
collision of techno and house had already convinced Andy to take them on for the new Hercules album.
Industrial stalwart Mark Pistel, also joined in on production duties, as a perfect compliment with a noise
based, sample oriented take on swinging 909 drums.!
This aesthetic coupled with substantial tales of emotional triumph makes for something that does not happen
in dance music very much anymore. Put actual songwriting into the mix, and you have the goal of Hercules
3.0: meaningful house music that IS pop music and can speak to the most musically adept of tastes. More
now than ever it is about delivering something deeper to the hedonistic precept of Hercules & Love Affair. "I
am fascinated by belief," Andy says, "Maybe the nightclub isn't just decadent and meaningless." His words
resonate past memories of hearing the gospel house tones of Sounds of Blackness, Ten City and Mass
Order under a mirror-ball. Andy lived and wowed through Francois Kevorkian and Danny Krivit's pivotal
Millennial Sunday night secular/spiritual nightclub transcendence, Body&Soul, in New York. Every house
fanatic saves a special place for the gospel spiritual 'Stand on the Word' revitalised by Larry Levan. If they
had done Greek Mythology already, why not God? So pay attention to the decree: let the party begin, once
more with meaning!
Nick Monaco
Nick Monaco is here to take you back.... and move you forth.

In the year 1990 Nick Monaco was conceived by two passionate lovebirds in the mystical depths of the Grand Canyon, it was known then that this boy was destined to make magic himself. Nick is a 90's baby from Northern California's Bay Area. He likes long walks on the beach, appreciates sunshine, bass and abides by his personal philosophy: the weirder, the funkier, the better.

Rocking house parties is how Nick spent most weekends in his not so distant adolescence. Thank G-O-D for out of town parents! While his peers fussed over iPod playlists, Monaco busted in with crates of wax and brought down the spot, learning to win the crowds in true school style.

As a freshman in high school, Monaco was obsessed with turntablism and anything with the words Hip and Hop in it. Locking himself in his bedroom with his decks he scratched his fingers numb for more than 5 hours a day. Practice seemed to make perfect as he was soon sought after for his innovative scratches by the all-time extraterrestrial DJ Qbert who asked for Monaco's contribution for the instructional glossary "Scratchlopedia Breaktannica." (Available online!)

Nick will tell you himself, he is as much influenced by Deee-Lite as he is by Elliot Smith and you can really hear it in his wide and eclectic musical tastes. The Soul Clap boys would agree. They received a demo from Monaco in 2011, which featured "Set the Table," and were blown away by its quirkiness, innocence, and originality. Since then they have adopted him as a part of the Soul Clap family and have saved a seat for him on the mothership, Soul Clap Records.

Claude VonStroke over in the offices of Dirty Bird Records has also taken a shining to Monaco. When Nick kicked off 2012 with "Long Kiss Goodnight (Soul Clap Edit)," it was signed to Dirtybird's "Hatched" compilation; a meaningful gesture electing him to represent the future of his native Bay Area. Currently Nick Monaco is making his transition from big bass to deeper, emotional, and more musical explorations, a sign of maturity and growth, the fruit of which we are soon to taste.
DJ Red Eye
Venue Information:
Club Dada
2720 Elm St.
Dallas, TX, 75226