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Ministry & Co-ConspiratorsCOVER UP 13th Planet RecordsRelease date: April Fools Day 2008 “Always judge a band by its covers” – Al Jourgensen There were two blatant concerns when I first came across this release: it’s all ‘just’ cover songs and an April Fools’ Day Release Date. Cover songs, and especially an album full of covers […]

I was waiting to mention this once I had it scanned for the web, but I am in the March/April issue of Tribeza Magazine, along w. Lance from Spune Productions and Robin from AEG. Pretty flattering. I got it in the mail about two weeks ago, then started hearing from friends that found it at […]

Part two in a series . . . Hotlanta, ATL etc.. yeah, it ain’t just crunk hip-hop from Outkast,Ludacris and garbage produced from janet jackson’s new midget spouse, jermaine dupri. Some would argue that it takes just one to create a movement, but in Atlanta it takes four (maybe five). The players are as follows: […]

the TERRORDACTYLS will replace Bandit Teeth on March 17th. show will go as follows: die! die! die! (11pm)sian alice group (10pm)the terrordactyls (9pm) – “Devices“/”Fall” (mp3s) mike bones (8pm) doors at 7PM. $8 at the Cavern on lower grenville. 18+ video of terrordactyls (they were on juno soundtrack)

Austin/ex-Dallas’ The Strange Boys, recently signed to In the Red over French Kiss records. Some notable alumni from the In the Red roster: Andre Williams, Black Lips, King Khan & BBQ Show, the Dirtbombs, Jay Reatard (who is recording their next album) and Lost Sounds. Hopefully these guys won’t be all pilled out during their […]

Part One in a series profiling random Cities with stellar music. Besides the Kentucky Derby and Wildcats basketball, I have never heard anything about the state of Kentucky, let alone Louisville. But lately, the string of vicious bands trickling out of this city of only 300,000 is amazing. There has been an aggressive metal and […]

For music geeks there is an added value, and in some instances an added novelty, when purchasing vinyl. With compact disc sales on decline for the past decade, more and more labels are including a CD copy or a digital download of the same material to encourage the average consumers to appreciate vinyl again. Grizzly […]

FOREIGN ISLANDS (brooklyn) – disco-electro punkMODEY LEMON (pittsburgh) – garage/psychedelic revival (on mute and birdman records) mp3 Mountain MistTHESE ARE POWERS (brooklyn/chicago) – self-labeled “ghost-punk” featuring one North Texas Alum and the Liars old drummer. mp3 of Chipping IcePrince William to dj inbetween Pastime Tavern : $8, 18+, 7PM BYOL. beer, wine and setups.1503 S. […]

EARLY 7PM show | Sunday | March, 9th 2008Avenue Arts Venue 825 Exposition 75226$8 for 18+ Chinese Stars/ El Paso Hot Button/ Pretty Vacant Chinese Stars (providence, RI)“Cheap City Halo” Music Video: “Girls of Las Vegas” Live at Trees (2005): EL PASO HOT BUTTON (Norman, OK)“Rubies & Pearls”: James Ames Dame” Silkscreen by Nevada Hill